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Why AIDS To Life?

Welcome to AIDS to Life! The self-help blog about what it’s really like to be a HIV serodiscordant couple, what we get up to, and what makes us tick.

I met the love of my life, James, over four years ago. After just two months of being together, James found out he was HIV positive. He was devastated, and I of course was terrified that I had been infected also. Thankfully my test came back negative, however just one month later, James found out that not only was he HIV positive, but that he had advanced AIDS with only 48 T-cells, and was told he had less than a month to live.

This news was devastating to both James and I. And sure as the doctor had told us, within one month James was dying. At his weakest point he was hospitalized, weighed 123 pounds and had a near-death experience, in which he had a conversation with the Grim Reaper. This was the turning point. James was almost giving up, he was severely ill and weak; he was almost crossing over, but something inside him told him to hold on. From that moment, James was determined that he would heal his body and immune system back to full health. And that’s exactly what he did.

How did he do it? Through Holistic Healing, which means healing as a WHOLE; it means not only healing the physical body with diet and medication, but also healing the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects too. This means that in order to heal, not only did James need to take antiretroviral medication to control the virus, to help physically heal, but he also needed to support the body physically through superior nutrition and supplementation, heal the mind of the emotional stress and turmoil that comes with being HIV positive, and also heal the soul. Everything is connected, so in order to fully heal your body, you must heal as a whole; mind, body and soul.

James decided that he was to become a human Guinea-pig and through experimenting with a variety of methods (after checking with his doctor first), James experienced a rapid rebound in his health. His immune system shot up quickly and continues to rise to this day, he is the healthiest his body has ever been and he is fulfilled in everything that he does in life. This is not a coincidence.

SO, again, why did I write this blog? I felt an urge to write this blog to share our journey with everyone who is affected by this issue. This is a semi-humorous blog with a semi-serious content; what does this mean? It means that in order to survive without going insane, James and I have to laugh at some of the things we need to deal with on this journey. But not only is this blog just about the HIV aspect of our lives, but also, everything else too… HIV does not define James nor I, it’s just part of our package; it is not who we are!

Looking back at our journey and looking forward at where we are going has inspired me to share with the world, the weird and wonderful stuff that we go through. Yes, we are serodiscordant. Yes, we eat healthy 90% of the time. Yes, we eat bizarre things to strengthen the immune system. No we don’t eat raw eggs!!! Yes, we have great sex. Yes, we use a condom! No, we don’t go bareback! We are a regular couple with irregular circumstances that have frankly become an extremely normal way of living for us.

Part of this blog is to also provide holistic healing advice by sharing what James and I have found to work for him. I have a Bachelor’s degree in the human body and I’ve also worked in the holistic medicine field (vitamins, supplements, homeopathic medicine, etc), and so I’ve tailor-made this blog for those with HIV / AIDS through our personal experience of this disease.

Each day James grows stronger and more healthy and after seeing his amazing results that even astounded his doctors, we decided that the rest of the world must know what we know. As human beings we are obliged by our conscience to share these methods that helped heal James back to full health. We are on the front line of living with this illness and know how it feels to live everyday with this hanging over us. But now you can do something about it, just like James did. This blog aims to enable you to regain the control of your health through a wide range of health-boosting techniques while we share the reality of our lives with you all. This is about self-empowerment, education and maximizing your health.

Here to change to face of HIV – The world of HIV is still an underworld that not so many people talk about. I’m here to help change that. I am not an activist as such, but a person that is here to help share health and healing knowledge to others who may be lost or who simply want to learn as much as possible about this disease and how we can take back the control of it. I guess in a sense I am an activist. I am an encourager of looking within and finding one’s own power to heal. In fact, I am a self-empowerment activist! You can regain control over this illness, just like James has, and still have a happy and fun life in the process!

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We want to give you as much information as possible to help you on your healing journey, because we know how it feels to live with this everyday. We hope you enjoy this blog to help guide you on your own healing journey from HIV / AIDS to Life ! :)

Love Carly xxxxxx

Carly and James enjoying life in Sedona, AZ


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