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HIV: We Can All Learn From Each Other & We Can All Heal

Hi everyone,

I have been talking to a few other HIV positive individuals today online, Dwayne Carl, author and AIDS Life Cycle activist being one of them, and I was moved to tell you about what I found.

It seems that the more I talk to others about this subject, the more that I learn.

It seems that everyone has their own little bit of knowledge and information to share with the world, which was inspired by their own diagnosis. Everyone has been touched by the negativity associated with HIV, whether it’s dealing with their own diagnosis, or fear of the stigma. But what I have found also is that, HIV has inspired deep change and passion in these people. Just like it has done with James and I.

I feel like I have learned so much today from others, and in turn they have learned from James and I. As I have said many times, the self-help guide that I have written on healing the self of HIV AIDS is based on mine and James’s experience with HIV and that it’s HIV that actually inspired us to look further within ourselves and further out of the box also. And from this terrible disease came amazing insight and self-improvement.

It’s seems from the conversation today that all of us agree how HIV has inspired change within us for the better, to make a difference and to help others heal. It also seems that we all agree that without looking deeper within ourselves, James and these individuals would now be dead. But instead they took their diagnosis, their death sentence and turned it on its head, and everyone is now thriving so well on life.

This is a perfect example of how James’s story is not unique, and that anyone can get back to full health, by utilizing the power that comes from healing as a WHOLE – mind, body and soul. HIV is more than an illness of the body, it’s an illness of the mind. It can destroy you OR you can destroy it.

As I said, we all have something to share with the world about how to heal from HIV / AIDS, and we all have much more to learn from each other, and our healing guide “AIDS to Life” is merely mine and James’s little contribution to the world to help instill hope and inspire healing. It’s time now to be open to learning and open to healing of all levels of yourself.

We love hearing from you all, because we ALSO learn from all of you. And now we ask you, to learn from us what we have to bring to the table. We all have a story, and we all have a destiny, but everything that happens in between is up to you :)

Love always,

Carly xxxx

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