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What is HIV? What is AIDS? Can HIV / AIDS be cured?

AIDS to Life

AIDS to LifeSo many questions are still asked about HIV and AIDS. In fact, a lot of the time, people think HIV and AIDS are the same thing, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. The HIV virus and AIDS are not the same things, one is born from the other. HIV prevention and HIV treatment are more than possible, and a HIV cure is on the horizon as one man has already been cured from HIV / AIDS. Living with HIV AIDS has never been more hope-filled and straight forward.

HIV Prevention is still tough though, because that is up to an individual to be responsible for themselves. It’s not that it can not be prevented, as HIV prevention is actually very simple; Just use a condom and avoid sharing objects that others have used intravenously!

HIV treatment has been compared to that of a diabetic’s: you take your daily medication and you can live a long life. AIDS treatment involves taking medications to kill opportunistic infections that the body is not normally vulnerable to. All in all, HIV / AIDS has never been more easy to manage in the body. But it takes more than just looking after the body in order to heal any kind of illness or malady. Taking pills simply mask over a deeper issue, and to truly heal and cure from any illness, you must find the deeper mind – body issue within you that’s behind the illness. The body talks to us the only way it knows how, through our health. When you need water, you experience thirst, when you really need water you develop headaches and feel unwell, and when you are severely dehydrated you being to faint. This is how the body communicates! The body tells you when it is out of balance and when it needs something. When something is wrong, your body let’s you know that something is wrong through illness and discomfort.

I’m a firm believer in healing any illness and disease through healing the body physically, but also combined with mental, emotional and spiritual healing, as we are not just physical beings. This is mind – body medicine, also known as holistic medicine or healing, because it’s healing the whole aspect of the self. To quote Louise Hay, “An incurable disease means curable from within”. These are powerful words of truth. I know they are true as I have seen my husband come back to full health with an ever-increasing immune system after it was totally destroyed by the HIV virus. I have also seen him dramatically change on all levels of his being as a result of his healing journey. To help others out there like my husband with HIV / AIDS, I have documented his whole journey to full health through holistic healing (including western medicine – remember holistic healing is including all components of health and healing).

This is the true story of our lives and how James continues to build his body back to full health. This is not a HIV cure, it’s even better! It’s the complete healing of the body, plus the mind and soul. By following this blog  you will find yourself on the path to full health and discover a new and more beautiful you. Like the Phoenix rises from the ashes, a new you will arise from experiencing life with HIV / AIDS.

Love always,

Carly xxxxx



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