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HIV Can Change You… For the Better!

HIV / AIDS to Life

AIDS to LifeThe title of this post is a strong statement, and it is one that I stand by.

I don’t advocate that by JUST taking pills or by JUST taking natural herbs / supplements can cure HIV AIDS, but I DO know that your body can be healed back to full health! Everyday, James eats foods specific to boosting the immune system, he exercises, he works as stress-free as possible, he works on his thoughts, he meditates, he does yoga and even uses energy healing techniques like crystal therapy. He incorporates a wide variety of methods into his life that we have researched to release stress and also benefit and stimulate immune functioning, because we know that in order to be healed or cure an illness, you must heal as a whole! Not just physically, or not just emotionally, but the combination of healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually must be done.

It’s the same reason why a cancer can be physically cut out of the body, but if you don’t change the way you think, or change your behavior (diet, lifestyle, etc), cancer will reappear one way or another. In fact, most of the time, illness arises in the body to tell us that there is something inside us that needs to change; it’s a wake up call! Look at all those people, maybe you are one, whose lives changed for the better when they were diagnosed with some serious affliction. I know that James is a totally different person from who he was when I first met him 3 years ago; a different person for the better! Illness motivates us to change, not just physical things, but also ourselves on the inside, our soul, who we really are and how we look at the world. This is the empowerment that comes from disease; it’s an opportunity to change direction and better ourselves.

With AIDS / HIV your body can be healed, but it takes dedication and perseverance, and above all, the will to change whatever you can in your life, including the way in which you think! I know that it is possible to be healed, James knows that it is possible, because he has achieved it and I have witnessed it. And his health check ups confirm it. Just because your labs keep coming back showing statistics about your T-cells and Viral loads, does not mean that you’re not healing! What’s a viral load anyway? Oh yeah, it’s a viral-like particle! Not the actual virus! What’s a HIV test? Oh yeah, a test where they look for antibodies that your own body makes in response to infection… not an actual test for HIV, just it’s antibodies. Do NOT gauge your level of health (and self-worth and happiness) based upon your lab results.

For this reason James chooses to not place importance in lab statistics, even though he is undetectable and his T-cells continue to climb. What he places importance in is how he feels and looks! He is one of the happiest, fittest and most athletic people I know! And I live in Southern California, there are a lot of fit people to contend with! James doesn’t even catch a flu! In our 3 years together, I have seen him sick only once…. when he was dying of AIDS! I have had the flu 3 times, several colds, tonsillitis and several other infections… he has never picked up any of these! So why place importance in numbers? From what I can see, James has a stronger body and immune system than me, and I’m HIV negative!

James is far healthier than me because he has had a motivating factor to push him to change and improve himself. Everyday he is striving to keep his body in optimal condition because he knows how it feels to be dying. I try to learn from his example and have started to incorporate into my life all the healing methods that he does, and I have seen a massive improvement in my health too.

We know this stuff works, and we know it will work for you too!

Love always,

Carly xxxx

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