Forget 16 and Pregnant; We Are Serodiscordant and Pregnant!

We are pregnant!

What great news!!! James and I are having a baby! How did this happen? Is it safe? Am I now HIV positive? Or worse, the baby?? Thankfully, James and I did our research for a long time before making this decision; in other words, this baby was no accident! We have found that there are […]

Carly and James enjoying life in Sedona, AZ

Why AIDS To Life?

Welcome to AIDS to Life! The self-help blog about what it’s really like to be a HIV serodiscordant couple, what we get up to, and what makes us tick. I met the love of my life, James, over four years ago. After just two months of being together, James found out he was HIV positive. […]

Unchangeable conditions are only 'unchangeable' because you believe they are

HIV: We Can All Learn From Each Other & We Can All Heal

Hi everyone, I have been talking to a few other HIV positive individuals today online, Dwayne Carl, author and AIDS Life Cycle activist being one of them, and I was moved to tell you about what I found. It seems that the more I talk to others about this subject, the more that I learn. It […]


What is HIV? What is AIDS? Can HIV / AIDS be cured?

AIDS to Life AIDS to LifeSo many questions are still asked about HIV and AIDS. In fact, a lot of the time, people think HIV and AIDS are the same thing, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. The HIV virus and AIDS are not the same things, one is born from the […]

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HIV Can Change You… For the Better!

HIV / AIDS to Life AIDS to LifeThe title of this post is a strong statement, and it is one that I stand by. I don’t advocate that by JUST taking pills or by JUST taking natural herbs / supplements can cure HIV AIDS, but I DO know that your body can be healed back […]

We’re Coming to the AIDS LifeCycle Event!


AIDS to Life AIDS to LifeIn 4 weeks the huge charity cycle event – AIDS Life Cycle for HIV AIDS will be taking place! And are going to be there! The event is a 7 day cycle from June 3rd-9th down the coast from San Francisco and finishing in Los Angeles. This is a […]